Selecting the Correct Snorkel Vest

The snorkel vest is an important piece of gear that will keep you safe in the water.

Its main purpose is to offset the negative buoyancy and let you stay on the surface.

Do keep in mind that its role is not the same as a life jacket, but many people get confused about this.

There are 2 basic styles of vests, which are horsecollar design jacket style.

The Types of Snorkel Vests

Horsecollar is more popular. It looks like an oblong donut. There are 1 or 2 adjustable nylon straps in this design that are secured to your body. There is a crotch strap in designs that have 2 straps. On the other hand, you have to wear the jacket style vest like a shirt. There is a zipper or adjustable straps in these models. Apart from these two, there is also the Hybrid design, which is made by ScubaPro Cruiser. These vests are available in as many as 5 sizes.


When buying a a good snorkel vest, always focus on the right size. Keep your weight in mind to decide what the correct size is for you because the lift capacity must be adequate so that you can stay on the surface without requiring kicking vigorously. Also consider the straps length. The horsecollar design scores here because the jacket design can accommodate limited body sizes.

Usually, vests are available in extra large, regular, medium, and small sizes. Small vests are for children. Look at the size chart while selecting, but do keep in mind that sizing may be different for each manufacturer. And, of course, comfort is always very important. Sometimes, nylon used in the bladder is not too comfortable if your skin is sunburned or if you have applied a rash guard. Lycra dive skin often works better.

Appearance and Convenience

Snorkel vests used to be available in a single color or style in the old days. However, all that has changed now with so many people enjoying snorkeling and all forms of water sports and demanding variety. You will now find vests with safety whistles, additional D-rings, pockets, neoprene, and also additional streamlined designs. They are available in a range of colors, including orange, fluorescent yellow, bright pink, and others. In recent years, vests with printed patterns have also become available, which lets you show off your fashionable side.

But whatever you choose, never compromise on the quality. That should always be the main criteria for selecting a snorkel vest.

How Do You Know If You Need a Side Sleeper Pillow?

There are many types of pillows. Some of them are made of shredded foam, while others are water-based, buckwheat, bamboo, latex, feather, or made with some other material. You will find all kinds of fillings in pillows. Then, there are specific pillows for stomach, side, and back sleepers as well.

So which is the best pillow for you? It depends on your sleeping position. For instance, if you sleep on your sides, then you should definitely use a side sleeper. That’s because, any other pillow won’t give you the support your body needs in this position. You won’t feel comfortable, and in fact, the pillow might not be healthy for you as well.

Comfort Is Not the Only Issue

When we select one of the best pillows for a side sleeper, most of us think of just one thing – comfort. However there is another important aspect that you must always consider, and that is support. This is particularly true for those who sleep on their sides. If you sleep on your left or right side, you will need extra support for your neck, because inadequate support can strain your shoulders, head and neck.

On the side, the distance between your head and mattress will be greater than those who are stomach or back sleepers. You have to fill this distance so that your head can remain straight and your spine is aligned correctly. Your neck will bend if the head gets lowered too much towards your mattress, and this will end up pressing your nerves and straining your tendons and muscles. This will give you back pain, headaches, a tingling sensation in your legs or arms, muscle weakness, and might even cause sciatica.

Avoid these conditions by using a side sleeping pillow. There is a simple solution.

Signs That You Need a Side Sleeper

  • Watch your sleeping position. If you cannot do it yourself, then ask someone else to find out whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side.
  • If you sleep on the side, and you are not using a side sleeper, then you will have pain in your neck, shoulders, and back. Do you have aches in the morning? The cramping can be so much that you might not be able to move your neck properly.
  • Do you wake up in the morning, feeling that you didn’t get good sleep, though you slept for the doctor-recommended 6 hours?
  • Sometimes the pain is really acute and may travel down your arms and legs. You may have a tingling sensation too.
  • Do you have disturbed sleep? Do you wake up often in the middle of the night?

All these are signs that you need to change your pillow. Don’t visit the doctor yet. Get a side sleeper instead and use it for a couple of weeks. Give it a chance. See whether your pain goes away. Find out whether you are sleeping better. It is almost sure to improve.